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babysit sentence in Hindi

"babysit" meaning in Hindibabysit in a sentence
  • Women may trust Dole more than Clinton to babysit their children.
  • As long as I can get Thoreau to babysit my kids.
  • I also do not need the government to babysit for me.
  • Bobby does everything he can to babysit me everywhere we go.
  • I can say he probably babysit me once in a while.
  • He will not catch up on reading or babysit the grandchildren.
  • Abbey Bartlet, the First Lady, used to babysit her.
  • He was even asked by local residents to babysit their children.
  • He asked her if she could babysit for him that evening.
  • Eventually, Keith agrees to allow Lisa to babysit that night.
  • I'm not around enough to babysit these articles anymore.
  • The women would braid Sharell's hair and help babysit Jadwin.
  • Because of his condition, even family members are reluctant to babysit.
  • Lalive said of her younger teammate, who she used to babysit.
  • Chris decides that retirement can wait and gladly agrees to babysit Dan.
  • She usually pays Paige enough to make Paige happy to babysit again.
  • Bree promises a heartbroken Phyllis that she will ask her to babysit.
  • She occasionally appears to babysit Ashley ( Steven Arnold ).
  • I'd rather trust Jimmy Savile to babysit ".
  • Make sure you babysit some edits in case weird cases turn up.
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