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English-Hindi > backchat

backchat meaning in Hindi

backchat sentence in Hindi
1.This was after I asked for serious opinion and not " personal backchat " thus.

2.The schools council is called Backchat.

3.Two releases of'Alistair McGowan's Football Backchat'were best sellers in both comedy and sports video charts.

4.Backchat was ultimately cancelled as the FX Apartment gimmick was dropped and the network shifted into a secondary network for Fox.

5.In running this she produced Radio 1 DJs Radio 1 in 1987, " Backchat ", which won several awards.

6.She volunteered at Melbourne's 3RRR as a host of " Backchat ", a radio program discussing women's current affairs.

7.Percival is credited with innovating the penalty for backchat as he regularly used to march teams for the offence before it was added to the official rulebook.

8.A strange white curtain suspended on metal rods draws back for " Backchat, " which is centered on a fragmentary wooden wall designed by Feld and Mimi Lien.

9.He also performed a series of four stand-up shows with his father Michael Whitehall, called " Backchat ", which was also completely sold out.

10.Following on from the second series, " Backchat " returned on BBC Two on 26 December 2015 for an " End of Year Special ".

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light teasing repartee
Synonyms: banter, raillery, give-and-take,

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