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English-Hindi > raillery

raillery meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'reiləri ]  sound:  
noun plural: railleries   
raillery sentence in Hindi
1.His raillery was without cynicism, and his satire without malice ".

2.Momus name derives from the Roman god of wit and raillery ).

3.The first duet between Athana�l and Tha�s contrasts his stern accents and her raillery.

4.He hides under a Disguise a fine and poignant Raillery, against the Vices of Nero's Court.

5.The temptation, in addressing so manifestly absurd and error-filled a piece of work, is to raillery.

6.He equates spirits with wit, lemon juice with raillery, sugar with adulation and water with " easy prattle ".

7.And in this " Much Ado, " the sunlit raillery of the next day is tainted by the characters'crashing hangovers.

8.Shadowing Timon is another guest at the banquet : the cynical philosopher Apemantus, who terrorises Timon's shallow companions with his caustic raillery.

9.He was incapable of controlling his spirit of raillery, from jests on Siamese missionaries to sarcasms at the expense of the heir to the throne and the ridicule of hereditary monarchy.

10.That was the raillery of a political opponent, and shouldn't be taken too seriously, except as a challenge to Cardenas to define his new-style leftism more precisely.

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light teasing repartee
Synonyms: banter, give-and-take, backchat,

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