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English-Hindi > badgering

badgering meaning in Hindi

badgering sentence in Hindi
1.Throngs of reporters camped outside, badgering the family to comment.

2.But Marcus kept badgering me to do Instant Messaging with him.

3.With some badgering from his sister, he tried it twice.

4.You know, you can influence people without badgering them always.

5.Repeatedly badgering another user about a suspected COI is not productive.

6.Oates agonized over the purchases, badgering relatives for ideas.

7.Keep badgering them until they give you a complete and comprehensible answer.

8.I think the persistent badgering of the press is difficult,

9.Barak, who believes public appeals amount to counterproductive badgering, refused.

10.Marlene, annoyed, tells them to stop badgering her.

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