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English-Hindi > badia

badia meaning in Hindi

badia sentence in Hindi
1.Alta Badia hosted a World Cup ski race earlier this winter.

2.Cetamura Chianti, Badia a Coltibuono 1997, Tuscany, Italy.

3.Comellini said following Tomba's latest victory in Alta Badia.

4.Val Badia will host the next World Cup gate race Sunday.

5.Knaus won a giant slalom last month in Alta Badia, Italy.

6.Badia imports the spice from Spain and said a supply arrived contaminated.

7.Customers may contact Badia at 305-629-8000.

8.He said Badia would be handed over to judicial police.

9.All the classics like Adelboden, Alta Badia and Kitzbuehel.

10.Finzi started out his political career as an alderman in Badia Polesine.

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