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English-Hindi > badland

badland meaning in Hindi

badland sentence in Hindi
1.Her friend Vera Badland was forced to retire in 1979.

2.They're commonly found in badland areas where sandstone underlays harder rock.

3.Badland plays Hazel Woolley in BBC Radio " The Archers ".

4.Cast : Bob Hoskins, Danny Nussbaum, Bruce Jones, Annette Badland, Justin Brady.

5.For the Autumn tour two brand new members were recruited, Rhona Cameron and Annette Badland.

6.She was portrayed by Annette Badland.

7.It was directed by Simon Godwin, and starred Annette Badland, Tristan Sturrock and Cara Horgan.

8.Morgan offends Babe Smith ( Annette Badland ) by heaving over her food, which infuriates her.

9.Mired in a nightmare season of low ratings and widespread cancellations ( " The Badland,"

10.In 2007 John released his second and predominately instrumental CD entitled'Blues Waltzes and Badland Borders '.

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