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baldhead meaning in Hindi

baldhead sentence in Hindi
1.In 2007, Nugent released the " Crazy Baldhead Has a Posse"

2.Crazy Baldhead released " the Sound of'69 " in the fall of 2008.

3."' Baldhead Slick & da Click "'is the fourth studio album by American Guru.

4."' Crazy Baldhead "'is a side project of The Slackers headed by rock and dancehall.

5.In 2013 O'Connor announced a European tour in support for the album, called The Crazy Baldhead Tour.

6.Rufus, who dislikes old baldhead intensely, agrees to hide Tiro in a secret panel behind a tapestry during an important meeting.

7.In the 2000s, Rice continued to play bass on and produce recordings for artists like Vic Ruggiero, Rocker T and Crazy Baldhead.

8.Each of his albums from Three Baldheads and a Dread to Stereotype incorporate a different aspect that make them each unique and widely listened to.

9.Samuel Gray Ward in 1844 purchased land on the slopes of Baldhead and built a mansion near the site of what was to become Shadowbrook.

10.On the " Aeroplanes " album, they collaborated with Tim Simenon from Bomb the Bass, the Serbian rapper Sin or Krazy Baldhead.

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a person whose head is bald
Synonyms: baldpate, baldy,

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