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English-Hindi > baldpate

baldpate meaning in Hindi

baldpate sentence in Hindi
1.This summer, we dined at the Baldpate on cornbread day.

2.Such is the plot of " Seven Keys to Baldpate,"

3.There are two stories about how the inn came to be called Baldpate.

4.On the northeast side, it includes the lowest slopes of Baldpate Mountain.

5.Baldpate Mountain, near Pennington, is the highest hill, at above sea level.

6.He insisted they call it Baldpate.

7.The West Branch rises north of Baldpate Mountain and flows east into the town of Upton.

8.Imaginative guests of Colorado's Baldpate Inn can relive the book's deliciously shivery thrills.

9.The state park occupies surrounding Grafton Notch, the mountain pass between Old Speck Mountain and Baldpate Mountain.

10."' Baldpate Mountain "'is a peak of Upper Pohatcong Mountain in Mansfield Township.

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a widgeon the male of which has a white crown
Synonyms: American widgeon, Anas americana,

a person whose head is bald
Synonyms: baldhead, baldy,

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