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English-Hindi > band aid

band aid meaning in Hindi

band aid sentence in Hindi
band    मण्डली कटिबंध संघ
aid    पालन मदद मददगार
1.When he removed his socks Friday night, several toes had Band Aids.

2.But as Democratic blood-lettings go, that wasn't even a one-Band Aid hit.

3.He performed " Wild World " in Nelson Mandela's Band Aid charity.

4.The Band Aid who recorded " Do They Know It's Christmas ? ".

5.Former Band Aid, and became good friends after performing together in Live Aid.

6."They've put up a fence and barbed wire, but it's a Band Aid.

7.In July 1985, U2 played Live Aid, a follow-up to Band Aid's efforts.

8.Moving to Chicago " is just a band aid, " said dairy farmer Kallian.

9.Blair intends to join Band Aid star Bob Geldof in Ethiopia for the talks.

10.Geldof and the Band Aid Trust reported the BBC to Ofcom over the incident.

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hurried repair
Synonyms: quick fix, quickie, quicky,

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