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English-Hindi > quicky

quicky meaning in Hindi

quicky sentence in Hindi
1.Carroll quicky reminded them that this is not a pleasure trip.

2.Thornton had been in many films, most of them quickies.

3.There was apparently a premature call to quicky delete this page.

4.The film still survives, unlike a number of quota quickies.

5.Anger, frustration and fury are old subjects, guaranteed MTV quickies.

6.Three-day quickies go for about half that.

7.She then made 14 Fox quickies over four years.

8.:But here are are couple of random quickies.

9.:Programming / tech books can geto outdated quicky.

10.It is one of 23 quota quickies Powell directed between 1931 and 1936.

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hurried repair
Synonyms: band aid, quick fix, quickie,

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