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English-Hindi > quickie

quickie meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'kwiki ]  sound:  
quickie sentence in Hindi
1.Beard said in a quickie interview piped all over the Natatorium.

2.A quickie look at the team as it stands : The infield

3.Most of these productions were quickie jobs turned out by hacks.

4.Rough sex, indiscriminate sex, hot sex, quickie sex.

5.Some suspects have been sentenced by Palestinian courts after quickie trials.

6.There she got a " quickie " overnight divorce from Tad.

7.:The involvement of 3 designers is mentioned at Rutan Quickie.

8.It was made at Cricklewood Studios, as a quota quickie.

9.St . Martin's is known for churning out quickie titles.

10.There isn't even that much candor in this quickie film.

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hurried repair
Synonyms: band aid, quick fix, quicky,

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