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English-Hindi > bastardizing

bastardizing meaning in Hindi

bastardizing sentence in Hindi
1.Before you can say " bastardizing the Bard,"

2.Forman's fascination with bastardized history is harder to figure.

3.Burford has bastardized the industry, given it a black eye,

4.Bastardized by the Greeks, this battlefield became known as Harmagedon.

5.It's bastardizing the meaning of the song ."

6.This is some bastardized version, for and about bean-counters.

7.The term has been bastardized to mean any golden lager.

8.He claims " A dictionary is better that a bastardized pronunciation ".

9.This user seems to be obsessed with the word " bastardized ".

10.So it sort of means bastardized European metal, from Canada ".

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