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English-Hindi > bastardy

bastardy meaning in Hindi

bastardy sentence in Hindi
1.By the mid 1070s ecclesiastical courts heard cases that involved bastardy.

2.The Poor Law of 1576 formed the basis of English bastardy law.

3.The bolt of lightning was the bar sinister of bastardy.

4.Through the 1760s and the 1770s, the Overseers of the Poor regulated bastardy.

5.Raleigh defended the refusal of the barons to change the law of bastardy and legitimation.

6.However, in medieval England, there was no single mark of difference for bastardy.

7.Will not offspring be scarcer and scarcer, bastardy at that, the mothers prostitutes?

8.Bastardy laws existed both in English common law and within the laws of the colonies.

9.In French metonymic term for bastardy.

10.Any rebellious vassal, to legitimize his rebellion, could accuse the future queen of bastardy.

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the status of being born to parents who were not married
Synonyms: illegitimacy, bar sinister,

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