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English-Hindi > berrying

berrying meaning in Hindi

berrying sentence in Hindi
• बदरी का पेड़
• बदर
• बदरी
• सरसफल
• झड़बेरी
• दाना
• पिपली
• बदर
• बदरी
• बीज
• बेर
• सरसफल
• कोई छोटा फल
• बेरी का पौधा
• चुनना
• फल धारण करना
• बेर चुनना
• फलना
1.These ranked titles granted rights to hunting, fishing and berrying territories.

2.This complementary pair of colors is easily accessible in cyclamen, poinsettias and berrying plants.

3.Fortunately, I made sure I planted enough of the berrying kind to supply us all.

4.Possumhaw holly ( " Ilex decidua " ) and yaupon holly ( " Ilex vomitoria " ) are also excellent berrying plants.

5.Common rights had included not just the right of cattle or sheep grazing, but also the grazing of geese, foraging for pigs, gleaning, berrying, and fuel gathering.

6."When these new marshes came into berrying stage, prices had already begun to collapse, " said Ed Jesse, an agricultural economist at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

7.Asked whether Juvelis had the other two missing Homers-- the watercolor " Going Berrying " and the drawing " Bo Peep "-- Rose replied, " Not to my knowledge ."

8.At the party, Alston unveiled the first of those plants, including a hosta named for him, a dwarf Peegee hydrangea, stinking cedar ( love that name ) and a red-berrying nandina ( a nurseryman near East Haddam warned me that nandina's not hardy even in East Haddam, a mere 20 miles north of Long Island Sound; I refuse to believe him ).

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