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English-Hindi > berserks

berserks meaning in Hindi

berserks sentence in Hindi
• बहुत उतेजित या क्रोधित

• उन्मत
• निडर
• पागल
1.And the story's psychological pretensions have truly gone berserk.

2.As soon as the lights dimmed, the audience went berserk.

3.They are also said to act in a generally berserk manner.

4.He was there all the time and we were going berserk,

5.But that is only if they find time to go berserk.

6.Press any button that challenges parental control and people go berserk.

7.Americans are going berserk making wines in funny places, too.

8."He was still berserk, " she remembered.

9.He just seems to have gone berserk and shot at random.

10.There is also a special rune which instantly activates Berserk Mode.

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