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English-Hindi > berth rate

berth rate meaning in Hindi

berth rate sentence in Hindi

• सामान्य दर
berth    बर्थ शायिका सीट
rate    मूल्य जहाज का दरजा
1.The new third and fourth berth rates range from $ 199 to $ 1, 199 depending on destination and cabin category.

2.Citing the number of three-and four-berth staterooms becoming available with its new Grand Class fleet expansions, Princess Cruises has lowered its third / fourth berth rates in several destinations by up to 85 percent.

3.The third / fourth berth rates, which include port charges, are available regardless of the fare paid by the first and second passengers in the stateroom _ and that includes Love Boat Savers rates, two-for-ones, and other promotional rates.

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