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English-Hindi > bespeaking

bespeaking meaning in Hindi

bespeaking sentence in Hindi
1.He seems distracted, looking over each shoulder frequently, bespeaking unease.

2.Throughout there are either violent incidents or situations bespeaking violence that will be disturbing to young children.

3.The commercial and residential districts continued to fill with fine buildings bespeaking the prosperity of the community.

4.The counties either did not answer at all, or sent reports bespeaking mercy rather than persecution.

5.They are silent, stark monuments to a failure of our species, bespeaking a willful pursuit of doom.

6.It's a riveting story, bespeaking Jackson's ability to size up the moment and seize control of a situation.

7.They are a rich store for comparative linguistics, as their diction is purely the popular tongue, bespeaking the poor education of author and audience.

8.Although it is a small company fund, Crabbe Huson Special owns stock in Apple Computer, bespeaking the technology tilt that has lifted its returns this year.

9.Sladder makes much of his friendship with Jack Kennedy, now a sine qua non bespeaking I'm-a-regular-fellow for left and right alike.

10.Reporters followed him and crouched down as Rossin calmly deflected the questions with a calm, patrician air bespeaking his eight years of debating and negotiating on the Senate floor.

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