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English-Hindi > bespoke

bespoke meaning in Hindi

bespoke sentence in Hindi
1.What they produced, moreover, bespoke a specifically American context.

2.In March, 2015 Smith designed a bespoke Land Rover Defender.

3.The McLaren P1 features a bespoke braking system developed with Akebono.

4.Hetchins Lightweights continues to produce bespoke lugged-steel bicycle frames.

5.The company specialises in the production of large bespoke steel bars.

6.He makes bespoke furniture using wood that he largely selects himself.

7.Tich runs his own company providing bespoke illumination and lighting installations.

8.Some kind of bespoke template would be better suited, perhaps?

9.It focuses on characteristic online users to provide bespoke browsing experiences.

10.OMINZ offers high worth clients visiting NZ a bespoke concierge service.

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(of clothing) custom-made
Synonyms: bespoken, made-to-order, tailored, tailor-made,

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