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bespoken sentence in Hindi

"bespoken" meaning in Hindi
  • Statham, most famously, was the taciturn, bespoken hood in Guy Ritchie's first two movies.
  • Ford claims that infoboxes and cleanup tags were used as objects of " bespoken-code " by Wikipedia editors.
  • His poetry has been broadcast on television and radio, including BBC Radio 4's Bespoken Word and Wondermentalist Cabaret.
  • But the user that is bespoken of, argues it is a talk ) 21 : 26, 26 February 2014 ( UTC)
  • Vincent has appeared on Channel 4's Random Acts, BBC Radio 4's Wondermentalist and Bespoken Word and BBC Radio 3's The Verb.
  • He wrote his final novel, " A Bespoken Bride ", in 1914 though many of his earlier stories continued to be reprinted for years afterwards.
  • After One Minute Silence's break-up, Yap followed his spoken-word career, appearing on BBC Radio 4's " Bespoken Word ".
  • Buck bequeathed to them three more, for the north wall ( valued at ?20 ),'which I have bespoken to be made in fleurs-de-lys and mottos, for their Chapel.
  • Outside Germany, he contributes regularly to " Alister & Paine Magazine ", the Japanese men s fashion magazine " Men's Precious " and the magazine " Bespoken ", which is published by the Brussels-based cloth merchant and distributed to its worldwide customers.
  • It was still in movement about midnight on 26 June, when Major General Jagow received a communication from the front that Major Hertel had, with his squadron, entered Compi�gne at 20 : 00; and had learned from the Mayor that a French corps was on the march from Soissons to that town, in which it had already bespoken ten thousand rations.
  • She further emphasises " ladies " as her target audience :  I hope I shall not need to beg the patience of ladies to peruse this pamphlet : I have bespoken and do expect your patronage, because it is your cause I plead against an ill custom, prejudicial to you, which men will not willingly suffer to be broken ( Makin 1673 ).
  • You have got a congress elected for one fixed period, going out perhaps by fixed installments, which cannot be accelerated or retarded you have a president chosen for a fixed period, and immovable during that period : . . there is no elastic element . . . you have bespoken your government in advance, and whether it is what you want or not, by law you must keep it . ..

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