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bespoke sentence in Hindi

"bespoke" meaning in Hindibespoke in a sentence
  • What they produced, moreover, bespoke a specifically American context.
  • In March, 2015 Smith designed a bespoke Land Rover Defender.
  • The McLaren P1 features a bespoke braking system developed with Akebono.
  • Hetchins Lightweights continues to produce bespoke lugged-steel bicycle frames.
  • The company specialises in the production of large bespoke steel bars.
  • He makes bespoke furniture using wood that he largely selects himself.
  • Tich runs his own company providing bespoke illumination and lighting installations.
  • Some kind of bespoke template would be better suited, perhaps?
  • It focuses on characteristic online users to provide bespoke browsing experiences.
  • OMINZ offers high worth clients visiting NZ a bespoke concierge service.
  • Babcock also provides bespoke Design & Completion services from this location.
  • Diminishing demand for personally tailored bespoke clothing also plays a role.
  • Each of these London boutiques offer a bespoke service to clients.
  • Project Kahn provides bespoke luxury Range Rover vehicles to discerning clientele.
  • Each centre boasts bespoke learning facilities, libraries and IT systems.
  • The bespoke pastry was produced by a local baker in G�rlitz.
  • Every Wetherspoon pub has a bespoke designed carpet manufactured by Axminster.
  • She is the co-founder of the Bespoke Theatre Company.
  • In the second, it's on bespoke tailoring.
  • Short wears, and sings, nothing that's not bespoke.
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