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English-Hindi > bigamous

bigamous meaning in Hindi

bigamous sentence in Hindi
1.In any case, such a marriage would have been bigamous.

2.This was a bigamous marriage as he was already married to Jane.

3.In total, Smith entered into seven bigamous marriages between 1908 and 1914.

4.The bigamous nature of their marriage was kept secret during Bates's lifetime.

5.But their union was genuine, and her four subsequent marriages were unwittingly bigamous.

6.Yet we are importing bigamous, or even polygamous, unemployed foreigners and their children.

7.They were joined in the dispute by bigamous and his son by that marriage illegitimate.

8.The judge rejected the marriage as bigamous and sentenced Suffolk to 15 years penal servitude.

9.Rao offers to marry Ratne despite his earlier marriage and live in a bigamous relationship.

10.This marriage was considered bigamous, with Adelaide still alive and Christina possibly still alive.

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of illegal marriage to a second person while legally married to a first

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