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bilking sentence in Hindi

"bilking" meaning in Hindibilking in a sentence
  • Hubbell was later convicted of bilking his old Arkansas law firm.
  • He convicted a New York State senator of bilking public funds.
  • He was convicted of bilking his law partners and clients.
  • Bilking pension and employee benefit programs could bring new punishment as well.
  • The practice of bilking Medicaid and Medicare programs has been sadly commonplace.
  • He is suspected of bilking the rich on four continents.
  • Let's lock people up for bilking senior citizens ."
  • Bilking Medicare became so lucrative that professional criminals got involved.
  • In December Hubbell pleaded guilty to two felony violations for bilking the firm.
  • One campaign ad portrayed the nationalist party as bank robbers bilking the nation.
  • He later went to prison for bilking followers out of $ 158 million.
  • Hubbell also was indicted on charge of bilking his clients at the Rose firm.
  • German officials consider Scientology an extremist organization dedicated to bilking its parishioners of money.
  • Dad's a creep on disability who's proudly bilking the system.
  • Hoover was convicted of bilking 25 clients out of more than $ 13 million.
  • At convention time, they stop bilking Joe Lunchbox to act like Joe Lunchbox.
  • State officials concluded the dentists were bilking Medicaid.
  • He has acknowledged bilking his former partners and clients of nearly $ 500, 000.
  • Both are charged with bilking depositors in their family-owned bank in Puerto Rico.
  • Pecard also is accused of bilking a husband and wife out of thousands of dollars.
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