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bilked sentence in Hindi

"bilked" meaning in Hindibilked in a sentence
  • Or televangelists who've bilked the public and sinned boldly?
  • Juan Rivera bilked his mom out of $ 1, 000.
  • Hart says he's never been bilked in 27 years.
  • They doing bilked the crappiest jobs possible just to get by.
  • In the meantime, more students and taxpayers will be bilked ..
  • The paupers followed, smuggled in and bilked by their own kind.
  • Well, this is not a show to leave anyone feeling bilked.
  • Medicare has been bilked by both career criminals and legitimate service providers.
  • Investigators are not certain how many investors were bilked by the scheme.
  • Prosecutors said NFL linebacker Brian Cox also was bilked in the scheme.
  • Prosecutors said Tuesday Thomas Houser bilked 268 eBay and Yahoo ! shoppers.
  • John claimed that he and Frank bilked travelers in crooked card games.
  • Unscrupulous doctors bilked the program for $ 14 million in phony nutrition claims.
  • They claimed they were bilked out of millions of dollars in the transaction.
  • Twice, Loy was bilked by his own men.
  • And there's a strong possibility people could get bilked by shady operators.
  • Prosecutors say 15 people there bilked investors out of tens of millions of dollars.
  • Officials said the money would be used to help reimburse investors who were bilked.
  • Five years later, no one disputes that Cervantes and other customers were bilked.
  • Yet some tribes have lost millions to consultants who bilked them out of profits.
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