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English-Hindi > bill and coo

bill and coo meaning in Hindi

bill and coo sentence in Hindi
चूमा-चाटी करना
चुम्मा-चाटी करना
bill    प्राप्यक फरसा तंग
and    तथा एवं और एवं औ और
coo    गुटरगूँ धीमी आवाज
1.The 61-minute live-action feature " Bill and Coo " ( 1948 ) was filmed in Trucolor and received a special Academy Award.

2.Yet it was a film short, " Bill and Coo, " that brought him the industry's highest honor _ an Academy Award in 1948 for special achievement.

3.Slanguists J . S . Farmer and William Ernest Henley in their 1890 dictionary defined the term as " to fondle; bill and coo; indulge in endearments, " its synonym firkytoodle, a verb that seems to have slipped into desuetude.

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