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English-Hindi > bilked

bilked meaning in Hindi

bilked sentence in Hindi
1.Or televangelists who've bilked the public and sinned boldly?

2.Juan Rivera bilked his mom out of $ 1, 000.

3.Hart says he's never been bilked in 27 years.

4.They doing bilked the crappiest jobs possible just to get by.

5.In the meantime, more students and taxpayers will be bilked ..

6.The paupers followed, smuggled in and bilked by their own kind.

7.Well, this is not a show to leave anyone feeling bilked.

8.Medicare has been bilked by both career criminals and legitimate service providers.

9.Investigators are not certain how many investors were bilked by the scheme.

10.Prosecutors said NFL linebacker Brian Cox also was bilked in the scheme.

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