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English-Hindi > bivouacking

bivouacking meaning in Hindi

bivouacking sentence in Hindi
1.The extensive forest is perfect for bivouacking during the summer months.

2.Tasks vary from year to year, with bivouacking and crafts.

3.After bivouacking for the night, the two companies split up.

4.Men were trained in crossing rivers, demolitions and bivouacking.

5.His scouts spotted the enemy bivouacking at the mouth of the Ebro.

6.Frequent rotation involved bivouacking in a series of fortified camps.

7.The British Marines later slipped into the city alone, bivouacking at the British Embassy.

8.For five days we had been bivouacking under the open sky on a vast field surrounded by barbed wire.

9.I even found pleasure in trekking the woods with GI buds in Germany when I was a boy soldier bivouacking.

10.Whilst bivouacking during the descent, the tent tore away from Mutschlechner and Messner, and Messner also fell ill.

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