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blighted sentence in Hindi

"blighted" meaning in Hindiblighted in a sentence
  • These young people walk their blighted neighborhoods in Nike tennis shoes.
  • It, too, deals with the blighted legacy of slavery.
  • The old customs mean that many Hindu girls are twice blighted.
  • Compared with much of blighted Haiti, Cap Rouge seems blessed.
  • For most, the experience blighted the rest of their lives.
  • Some people have recommended using blighted and mildewed wheat for seed.
  • I fell under that titular avalanche a torn and blighted thing.
  • Bakke's career has been blighted by recurrent knee injuries.
  • However, his career was blighted by a series of injuries.
  • Oscar's first season at Internacional was blighted by injury.
  • It took Moorer through the town's blighted neighborhoods.
  • The stink of terrorism has blighted and marred this glorious site forever.
  • In Japan, already blighted by recession, exports suffered.
  • Who can live a wholesome life in a blighted setting?
  • In a blighted state by the 1960s, Pullman was relatively inexpensive.
  • And culinary darkness no longer blighted the face of Manhattan.
  • Nor is her life either tragic or love-blighted.
  • But a bleak permanence has settled over their blighted lives.
  • The last century was blighted by the dictators'cult of personality.
  • No one argued that the Fort Trumbull neighborhood is blighted, however.
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