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blighting sentence in Hindi

"blighting" meaning in Hindi
  • But the viaduct must surely have had some blighting effect.
  • You have to think about a particular community and what is blighting the neighborhood.
  • But to avoid blighting the countryside they are often the size of silver dollars.
  • They only said the three leaders focused on the economic crisis blighting the region.
  • Blighting of new leaves may also take place.
  • His performance is blighting Palestinian hopes, and the Kuttab case is a telling example.
  • Wiranto said ABRI must stay strong to survive the economic difficulties currently blighting the country.
  • And their crimes are blighting the Northwest.
  • Show me where my criteria for deleting the article included wind turbines blighting the countryside?
  • These aircraft are blighting our lives.
  • You don't have to worry about a lot of postwar stucco boxes blighting the area.
  • These aircraft are blighting our lives, " said the group's chairman, John Stewart.
  • But in its most complete stages now, it is merely a line of concrete pillars blighting the Bangkok landscape.
  • Some of the stages in the game are meant to be ironic regarding the blighting nature of Tanzra's demons.
  • Victory is not enough to console a mother for the loss of her son, and the blighting of her home.
  • But he said the former employees had not established that the breach had caused them financial loss by blighting their career prospects.
  • Their proliferation went beyond their ability to remain clandestine, and eventually their dark alchemy led to the blighting of the Legion reality.
  • But as the dust storms have grown, their impact has been spreading rapidly eastward, blighting the air over the Korean peninsula and beyond.
  • "We have reached the point where congestion is seriously blighting the lives of an increasing number of people, " he said.
  • Republicans are also suggesting that Giuliani is blighting his future, a code-word threat that he is sacrificing his supposed ambitions for higher office.
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