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blowhard sentence in Hindi

"blowhard" meaning in Hindiblowhard in a sentence
  • Warn those blowhards off their ships and then blow them up!
  • Blowhard politicians trumpeted moral outrage to gratify moribund anti-communists.
  • This lock-and-load blowhard has zero military experience.
  • Ed, businesslike and efficient, impatient with blowhards and fools.
  • Red, white and blue blowhards who boast about their patriotism.
  • "First of all, they're incredible blowhards.
  • Williams offers a nice blend of doting lover and studio blowhard.
  • A top Pentagon official called Chirac a " blowhard ."
  • The worst I said was I called him a blowhard,
  • So shutting up the ultimate blowhard town required some mastery.
  • Radio blowhards demand that Congress get back from vacation and do something.
  • My dad would just say he's a blowhard.
  • Mostly Hemingway comes off as a blowhard and a creep.
  • The bigger the blowhard, the harder he blows up.
  • He was also extremely self-confident, something of a blowhard.
  • (B ) Cable news is rife with rude blowhards.
  • "He wasn't a blowhard,"
  • He is what we in Texas know as a blowhard.
  • Goodbye to the blowhards so full of hot air,
  • Weather advisory : Hurricane Peter McNeeley downgraded to blowhard.
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