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blowhole sentence in Hindi

"blowhole" meaning in Hindiblowhole in a sentence
  • It has twin blowholes with a low splashguard to the front.
  • Blowholes have the capacity to change the topography near their locations.
  • Falling into one of the blowholes would be almost certainly fatal.
  • The point and blowhole are located just east of Poelua Bay.
  • Dr . Blowhole is mentioned in the episode " Eclipsed ".
  • Young visitors are often intrigued by the blowhole near the ball court.
  • The waters were too meek to create the blowhole effect that day.
  • Blue whales have twin blowholes shielded by a large splashguard.
  • Mysticetes have two blowholes, whereas Odontocetes contain only one.
  • Porpoises, like other odontocetes, possess only one blowhole.
  • Often the blowholes and dorsal fin are visible at the same time.
  • Kiama Blowhole is just a few metres beyond the coastline.
  • Heat output from the Karapiti Blowhole followed a similar pattern.
  • At the south end is a short bush walk to a blowhole.
  • Tess finds the treasure in a cave beneath the blowhole.
  • The first dead dolphin was found, its blowhole clogged by oil.
  • The neck is visibly constricted and the blowhole is a longitudinal slit.
  • _A blowhole is a whale's nostril.
  • Has two nostril openings ( blowholes ) instead of one like toothed whales.
  • Water sprays skyward from the whale's blowhole.
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