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blowing down sentence in Hindi

"blowing down" meaning in Hindi
  • Evening breezes blowing down the mountains provide a welcome refreshing and cooling effect.
  • Higher steam pressures required more blowing down of water out of the boiler.
  • They're the ones blowing down the street like Coke cans ."
  • Most people associate a hurricane with it coming in and blowing down a house.
  • He said he felt a cold breeze blowing down there.
  • The fan should be reversed so it draws air upward instead of blowing down.
  • Hurricane Pauline barreled ashore near Huatulco in Oaxaca state on Wednesday, blowing down plywood homes.
  • The only house blowing down is their own house.
  • A cold wind was blowing down the quiet street.
  • Blowing down rock formations overhanging the road, the force was able to hinder any pursuing force.
  • I mean, she was blowing down that straightaway.
  • Again, the Wolf retaliates by blowing down, or " dropping down, " the Dew Drop Inn.
  • Not the way the bullpen is a house of cards blowing down in the Texas prairie wind.
  • Democrats have also taken their turn at huffing, puffing, and rhetorically blowing down " failing schools ."
  • The air along the hills becomes cooler and denser, blowing down into the valley, drawn by gravity.
  • A tornado tore through this city's downtown, blowing down several buildings and homes, and killing two children.
  • High winds blowing down trees were responsible for power outages which affected 126, 000 people in Northern Ireland.
  • Meanwhile, the KLM plane was still in good visibility, but with clouds blowing down the runway towards them.
  • When the West Wind responds, with great fanfare, by blowing down a wall of ice, the lost son appears.
  • Randy Johnson was the Big Bad Unit again Sunday, blowing down batters, exhibiting fire and smoke, performing to his capabilities.
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