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blustery sentence in Hindi

"blustery" meaning in Hindi
  • Hurricane Frank, expensive and blustery, had found its target.
  • The day was gray and blustery, but not a spoiler.
  • Most of the interior Southeast will be blustery and cooler Wednesday.
  • It's a cold, blustery night in New York.
  • On a blustery Scottish day, Carnoustie is a potential nightmare.
  • But this was a suicidal tactic on such a blustery day.
  • Koryakovtseva said, zipping up her coat against blustery March weather.
  • One blustery winter day she gave a street person her scarf.
  • On an overcast, blustery Saturday morning, the native returned.
  • If the wind remains as blustery, count on high scores.
  • Eagleburger, on the other hand, is " blustery.
  • Many party members also resent his blustery, autocratic leadership style.
  • Woods wasn't immune to the blustery conditions, either.
  • The blustery weather has done little to slow Bailey, though.
  • Federer said blustery winds and a slippery court made it difficult.
  • The weather was typically English _ rainy, cool and blustery.
  • And few noticed his early exit Friday from blustery Royal Troon.
  • Play started in cold and blustery, yet sunny, conditions.
  • Occasional cold fronts moving through the area bring blustery northwest winds.
  • On a suitably blustery English day, Conran was touring his fief.
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