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English-Hindi > bordello

bordello meaning in Hindi

noun plural: bordellos   
bordello sentence in Hindi
1.But I also glimpsed a few ghosts in the Bordello Museum.

2.Their pile looked like they were personal shoppers for a bordello.

3."It wasn't really a bordello out here.

4.Having arrived at the bordello, the women establish the rules.

5.And in the meantime, the Moores are running a bordello.

6.Consider this : Could any place but Texas glorify a bordello?

7.As odd as Gogol Bordello may be, Hutz is odder.

8.But bordello owners say their bottom line will remain the same.

9.Capote's tale concerned two madams who own competing bordellos.

10.Meanwhile, saloons and bordellos proliferated in the booming new township.

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a building where prostitutes are available
Synonyms: whorehouse, brothel, bagnio, house of prostitution, house of ill repute, bawdyhouse, cathouse, sporting house,

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