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English-Hindi > whorehouse

whorehouse meaning in Hindi

noun plural: whorehouses   
whorehouse sentence in Hindi
1."I'd preach in a whorehouse,"

2.This is me selling the whorehouse, not the Boy Scouts.

3.While he is waiting, he is running his own whorehouse.

4.I'm somebody at the very centre of this whorehouse.

5.He arranged to stay at the whorehouse by servicing highborn women.

6.You say he was talking about the movie and NOT the whorehouse?

7.The best little whorehouse in South Korea is called Texas.

8.Perry eventually takes Joe to a Tex-Mex whorehouse.

9.Patty runs a whorehouse, and has a business relationship with Lucy.

10.They called it " The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas ."

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a building where prostitutes are available
Synonyms: brothel, bordello, bagnio, house of prostitution, house of ill repute, bawdyhouse, cathouse, sporting house,

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