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English-Hindi > border district

border district meaning in Hindi

border district sentence in Hindi
• सीमावर्ती प्रदेश
• सीमांत प्रदेश
border    हाशिया कगार
district    इलाका ज़िला जिला
1.Malewezi said at a rally in the northern border district of Karonga.

2.Being a border district, Kutch has both an army and an airforce base.

3.In October they occupied the western border districts of East Timor's main territory.

4.Border district boundaries were distinct from civil or military district boundaries.

5.They visited the Sadarak border district for talks with military officials.

6.There were para-military mounted police forces in Griqualand West and the northern border districts.

7.Khasavyurt is the largest city in the Dagestani-Chechen border district.

8.Kalumba returned from a tour of the border district Wednesday.

9.Currently it is not located as border district of Bihar.

10.Another militant was killed in the border district of Kupwara.

district consisting of the area on either side of a border or boundary of a country or an area; "the Welsh marches between England and Wales"
Synonyms: borderland, march, marchland,

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