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English-Hindi > brokerages

brokerages meaning in Hindi

brokerages sentence in Hindi
1.She need pay only a regular brokerage commission on the option.

2.Brokerage houses in the capital had a roller-coaster day.

3.Look hard at the brokerage firm handling the offering, too.

4.A few fund companies avoid the practice, called directed brokerage.

5.The discount brokerage now has about 100, 000 customer accounts.

6.Timothy Gillis, a spokesman for the brokerage firm, said.

7.Banks, brokerages, auto and electronics shares led the rally.

8.It is a mid-size brokerage with about 400 employees.

9.Francois Pernet, chief salesman at brokerage SBS Valeurs in Paris.

10.And full-service brokerage fees can be negotiated as well.

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