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butterfly fish sentence in Hindi

"butterfly fish" meaning in Hindi
  • The spotfin butterfly fish can grow up to 6 8 inches.
  • He dumped three yellow spotfin butterfly fish into a container.
  • There are butterfly fish, eagle rays, murray eels and many other species of fish.
  • Freshwater butterfly fish are small, no more than in length, with very large pectoral fins.
  • The spotfin butterfly fish is very common and very hard to maintain in a tank.
  • Once the habitat was recreated, the fish followed _ butterfly fish, triggerfish, parrotfish, bluefish and more.
  • The clownfish also emits a high pitched sound that deters butterfly fish, which would otherwise eat the anemone.
  • That's a long nose butterfly fish.
  • She bore the name ( pronounced with two equal syllables : ) of a butterfly fish, " Chaetodon capistratus ".
  • A . I hate to remember this now, but as a graduate student, I studied the pairing behavior of butterfly fish.
  • Schools of neon blue and yellow angelfish, yellow-banded butterfly fish and a hawksbill turtle swam by in water as clear as a summer day.
  • Inside the tank, divers interact with more than 5, 000 inhabitants, including rays, sea bass, puffers, butterfly fish, sawfish, trigger fish, angelfish, turtles and sharks.
  • We took turns following schools of yellow tangs and aptly named butterfly fish, which, when they gather on the coral, lean and sway in concert with the current.
  • I equalized my ear pressure, then dived deeper, below the chop, and found myself suspended in an astonishing world where dozens of butterfly fish floated around me like yellow petals.
  • As we held out bait, hundreds of vibrant-colored fish swarmed around _ angelfish, parrotfish and butterfly fish among them _ giving us a feeling of floating, topsy-turvy, inside a kaleidoscope.
  • A snorkeler or diver in the vicinity of " Lekuan " or " Fukui " may spot over 33 species of butterfly fish and numerous types of groupers, damsels, wrasses and gobies.
  • Along with other Caribbean Seas reef dwelling tropical fish, many young spotfin butterfly fish get sucked up the gulf stream from July to late October and are dumped into Long Island bays.
  • There are some spectacular coral formations here, featuring a variety of soft and hard coral species, which attract a wide selection of fish including angelfish, basslets, butterfly fish, scorpion fish, trigger fish, puffer fish and.
  • Here I encountered a snowflake moray eel _ out of its rocky burrow and swimming across the bottom like a water-borne sidewinder rattler _ as well as the threadfin butterfly fish with its exotic striping and colors.
  • Fagatele Bay is a vibrant tropical reef marine ecosystem, filled with all sorts of brightly colored tropical fish, including parrot fish, damselfish and butterfly fish, as well as other sea creatures like lobster, crabs, sharks and octopus.
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