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English-Hindi > caballing

caballing meaning in Hindi

caballing sentence in Hindi
1.Then they laughed, the crude caballing of a gender who whistles and moans over Harleys, saxophones,'57 Chevys.

2.I would but I'm a recent target of his accusations of caballing, for which I gave him an AGF and CIVILITY warning on the guideline talk page.

3.But at the same time it reacted against the'traditional'Stuart political style; against caballing; against court intrigue; against the use and abuse of prerogative powers; against the disregard of Parliament; and against the emergence of policy solely through secret counsels.

4.*C . P . Snow in his semi-autobiographical novel on the corridors of power described caballing with someone whose temperament " clashed right at the roots with mine : even if he was not being offensive, he would have tempted me to say something hard.

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