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English-Hindi > caddis fly

caddis fly meaning in Hindi

caddis fly sentence in Hindi

चेल मक्खी
चेल मक्षी
fly    बल्ले से उछालना
1.Dipteran and caddis fly larvae make up most of their insect diet.

2."' Baisserferidae "'is an extinct family in the order Trichoptera ( caddis flies ).

3.In 1957 Troth invented a new type of fly, the Elk Hair Caddis fly.

4.Prey include midges, mayflies, caddis flies, mosquitos, moths, or even small snails or millipedes.

5.My caddis fly drifted downstream and the trout took.

6.The larval stage is at risk of predation by Caddis fly larvae and Stonefly larvae.

7.Snails, caddis flies and mayflies inhabit the area.

8.Hungry trout were pouncing on emerging caddis flies in the main current in front of them.

9.And I haven't even mentioned the four different kinds of caddis flies or the flying ants.

10.The endemic arthropod species include a caddis fly, spider " Xysticus alpicola " and a springtail.

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small moth-like insect having two pairs of hairy membranous wings and aquatic larvae
Synonyms: caddis-fly, caddice fly, caddice-fly,

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