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English-Hindi > caddish

caddish meaning in Hindi

caddish sentence in Hindi
1.Her paramour became the current poster boy for caddish behavior.

2.The somewhat caddish menin her novels are all modelled on her father.

3.Around them swirl hyperarticulate young men ranging from the earnest to the caddish.

4.The defense concedes that the calls were caddish and the romance completely inappropriate.

5.In normal times, who would be so caddish as to question him on this point?

6.James Naughton is a caddish crooner and sleazy defense lawyer whose only loyalty is to his bank account.

7.Rick Hoffman, as a caddish broker named Freddie Sacker, wins best-of-cast honors.

8.Tati's former colleagues at the Lido de Paris were appalled at his caddish behaviour and shunned him.

9.When Jamie calls him on how " caddish " that is, Tad breaks it off with all three.

10.In indignation, the Hawthorns go to the Jeffcote home and confront Allan's parents with his caddish behaviour.

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offensively discourteous
Synonyms: unchivalrous, ungallant,

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