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English-Hindi > caddie

caddie meaning in Hindi

verb past tense: caddied   verb past participle: caddied   noun plural: caddies   verb present participle: caddying   
caddie sentence in Hindi
1.Needling is one thing; an obnoxious caddie is quite another.

2.Caddie Dave Patterson did but kept what he saw to himself.

3.One hole and I was already a failure as a caddie.

4.Being a caddie is more than just walking around citing yardage.

5.The average caddie program involves four to six hours of training.

6.TIGER on firing his dad as his caddie four years ago:

7.His caddie spoke to the ball on Janzen's behalf.

8.He held his tongue, but his caddie didn't.

9."Hook, hook, " pleaded his caddie.

10.He talked to the caddie, for Pete's sake.

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an attendant who carries the golf clubs for a player
Synonyms: golf caddie,

act as a caddie and carry clubs for a player
Synonyms: caddy,

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