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English-Hindi > cadenza

cadenza meaning in Hindi

noun plural: cadenzas   
cadenza sentence in Hindi
1.Both put poetical verbal cadenzas in the mouths of distraught characters.

2.There has never been a consensus on which cadenza to use.

3.It has wild but gentle cadenzas and demands delicate finger work.

4.Although the pianos intersperse conversational interludes, conventional cadenzas are absent.

5.A cadenza, for both timpani, opens the final movement.

6.Friday was Technology Day which featured VSnap, Cadenza and Groupmuse.

7.She composed the cadenza herself, which was its international debut.

8.He played his own cadenzas, which were inventive yet stylistically appropriate.

9.The slow movement is really beautiful, and there are flashy cadenzas.

10.His cadenza to Beethoven's third concerto was admired.

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a brilliant solo passage occurring near the end of a piece of music

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