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English-Hindi > cadet

cadet meaning in Hindi

noun plural: cadets   
cadet sentence in Hindi
1.The board appealed, insisting on its right to fire Cadet.

2.They'll never fit in among the Corps of Cadets.

3.A tall order, especially for a show about space cadets.

4.Their father and grandfather were A & M cadets.

5.Another had a bit of fortune in it for the Cadets.

6.Recalling the glory of their ancestors, cadets learn horseback riding.

7.The cadets have been ordering from Ike's in droves.

8.Alumni and cadets were stunned by the 7-1 decision.

9.All have been admitting and graduating women cadets for years now.

10.Upperclass female cadets can wear conservative lipstick and clear fingernail polish.

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a military trainee (as at a military academy)
Synonyms: plebe,

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