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caesaropapism meaning in Hindi

caesaropapism sentence in Hindi
1.Among important qualities of the Empire was also the caesaropapism, the subjugation of church to the state.

2.A strongly contrary idea, sometimes called " caesaropapism ", identified the now Roman Catholic Empire with the Church militant.

3.:: The word I am thinking of is a one-word Greco-Romanism, like, but not, Caesaropapism.

4.Whether this eschatology is the result of caesaropapism, which may have also been the reason that premillennialism was condemned, is sharply disputed.

5.However, both Caesaropapism and Theocracy are systems in which there is no separation of church and state and the two form parts of a single power structure.

6.According to the " Westminster Dictionary of Theological Terms ", this caesaropapism was " a source of contention between Rome and Constantinople that led to the schism of 1054 ".

7.At the First Council of Nicaea, summoned to address the dangerously disruptive Arian heresy, Constantine appeared as the dominant influence, more powerful than any bishop, beginning a long tradition of Caesaropapism.

8.:: Uhem, " According to Weber's political sociology, caesaropapism entails'the complete subordination of priests to secular power .'"-wasn't that what you were asking for?

9.The "'Church reform of Peter I "'introduced what some believe was a period of Caesaropapism in the history of the Russian Orthodox Church, when the church apparatus effectively became a department of state.

10.Furthermore, unlike in western monarchies subject ( in religious matters ) to the Pope, the Russian Empire combined monarchy with the supreme authority on religious issues ( see Church reform of Peter I and caesaropapism for details ).

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