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English-Hindi > caesiums

caesiums meaning in Hindi

caesiums sentence in Hindi
1.As such, caesium is not a major chemical environmental pollutant.

2.For instance, when scientists at the adiabatically cool caesium atoms.

3.Gradients of caesium salts are used for separation of nucleic acids.

4.Since then, caesium has been widely used in atomic clocks.

5.Cesium _ 137 is named after a radioactive isotope of caesium.

6.Here the xenon can decay to the long lived caesium isotope.

7.The vertical lasers push the caesium ball through a microwave cavity.

8.The second is currently defined in terms of the Caesium standard.

9.Caesium chloride ( CsCl ) crystallizes in the simple cubic crystal system.

10.When caesium burns in air, the superoxide is the main product.

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