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canting arms sentence in Hindi

"canting arms" meaning in Hindi
  • In European heraldry, this technique is called canting arms.
  • In heraldry, this is known as a canting arms.
  • The presence of the harp makes these Canting arms.
  • This is a pun on the surname; an example of canting arms.
  • These are canting arms and they are rooted in the village s history.
  • This is called canting arms in heraldic terminology.
  • European heraldry contains the technique of canting arms, which can be considered punning.
  • These are canting arms, referring as they do to the municipality s name.
  • The canting arms have been used since 1583, but the colours changed several times.
  • As such, the coat could be said to fall into the category of canting arms.
  • It is far more likely to be Canting arms that are a pun based on Lorraine / Erne.
  • The name Skanke might mean " a leg " and the arms thus being canting arms.
  • Alternatively maunches can occur as canting arms, such as in the arms of the Mohun and Mansel families.
  • However, only the marriage of Brandis ( canting arms : a " brand " ) and the Landgraviate of Klettgau.
  • In heraldry, canting arms are a visual or pictorial play on a surname, and were and still are a popular practice.
  • Bears appear in the canting arms of two cities, Bern and Berlin, both of whose names include the word " bear ".
  • These canting arms appear to have initially been usurped from the Van Uye family of Zeeland, to whom the Uys family are not related.
  • It is used in the canting arms for the German family " von Grape ", Grapengie�er and Grappendorf, and Groppe von Gudenberg.
  • Rebuses are used extensively as a form of heraldic expression as a hint to the name of the bearer; they are not synonymous with canting arms.
  • The symbols of the wolf and the castle reflect the city's name ( canting arm ) and do not have a historical, directly conveyed reference.
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