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cantle sentence in Hindi

"cantle" meaning in Hindicantle in a sentence
  • A lightweight saddle with a high horn and cantle is ideal.
  • The cantle may contain intricate filigree or etchings of Celtic knots.
  • The government subsequently commissioned the Cantle report which made 67 recommendations.
  • Pewter or silver cantle is also carved on the sporran.
  • Sometimes, the pattern thistle decorated cantle and tassel tops.
  • It also has a flat pommel and cantle so nothing interferes with the rider.
  • Cantle said responsibility lay with all sectors of Britain to build a more cohesive society.
  • The first officer was 27-year-old Andrew Cantle from Sunderland, England.
  • It was probably influenced by cantel, cantle, a small piece, a corner piece.
  • The saddle horn and cantle projected through holes which were specially cut to size in the mochila.
  • All English saddles are measured from the nailhead below the pommel to the center of the cantle.
  • One such decision was the pairing of Lopez and Cantle to crew flight 7100 on 10 February.
  • The Cantle Report was supported by three local reviews of the three towns most affected by the riots.
  • The idea of a simplistic link between disadvantage and prejudice and discrimination is also contested by Cantle ( 2012 ).
  • Exercise saddles are usually larger and heavier, with a more prominent pommel and cantle to provide more security to the rider.
  • It has a high pommel and cantle, and is placed upon a felt saddlecloth to protect the horse's back.
  • During the 18th century, most riders in Europe used high-pommel and cantle saddles, with a wooden frame for classical dressage.
  • Before the fall, Brighton fired a second shot which passed through the cantle of the saddle and grazed Ike's right leg.
  • The high-cantle, high-pommel design of earlier saddles became a hindrance, unsafe and uncomfortable for riders as they jumped.
  • The top of the cantle may have a set stone, jewel, or emblems such as Saint Andrew, a thistle, Masonic symbols.
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