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canto sentence in Hindi

"canto" meaning in Hindicanto in a sentence
  • BEL CANTO _ By Will Scheffer; directed by Brian Mertes.
  • In the current Red Cross theme song, Canto-poplapse.
  • He is an intelligent and informed conductor of bel canto repertory.
  • El ano pasado y durante tres meses tomo clases de canto.
  • He was an Italian and an admirer of the bel canto.
  • These two works represent the epitome of the bel canto style.
  • Then she made her move into the mezzo bel canto repertoire.
  • So when I started writing " Bel Canto,"
  • Eduardo Canto, spokesman for the environmental prosecutor denied the accusations.
  • In Canto XIII of his " seventh ring of Hell:
  • Canto once again retained the titles with a fifteen round decision.
  • Canto's career took a downward spiral after that fight.
  • The importance and power of the Cantos can hardly be overstated.
  • The major locus of these cantos is the city of Venice.
  • Sheet of toilet paper showing start of Canto LXXXIV, c.
  • This canto then moves to the fountain of Castalia on Parnassus.
  • Individual canto numbers are given in bold for ease of reference.
  • Marchesi was clearly committed to the bel canto style of singing.
  • The tale of the birth of Krishna begins from canto 35.
  • It has eight cantos or sargas written in simple Sanskrit poetry.
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