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English-Hindi > canto

canto meaning in Hindi

noun plural: canto   
canto sentence in Hindi
1.BEL CANTO _ By Will Scheffer; directed by Brian Mertes.

2.In the current Red Cross theme song, Canto-poplapse.

3.He is an intelligent and informed conductor of bel canto repertory.

4.El ano pasado y durante tres meses tomo clases de canto.

5.He was an Italian and an admirer of the bel canto.

6.These two works represent the epitome of the bel canto style.

7.Then she made her move into the mezzo bel canto repertoire.

8.So when I started writing " Bel Canto,"

9.Eduardo Canto, spokesman for the environmental prosecutor denied the accusations.

10.In Canto XIII of his " seventh ring of Hell:

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a major division of a long poem

the highest part (usually the melody) in a piece of choral music

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