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canty sentence in Hindi

"canty" meaning in Hindi
  • Canty led us up a winding staircase to the tasting room.
  • As we took our seats, Canty explained the judging process.
  • Church member Blease Canty said the past year was a trial.
  • The one who isn't All-America Chris Canty.
  • Canty just wants a chance to prove what he can do.
  • Rookie Chris Canty is still learning the lay of the land.
  • He did not fumble, but Canty wanted to do more.
  • Israel might end up taking the position, or maybe Canty.
  • But Canty said he worries about the future of his church.
  • "It was nothing big, " said Canty.
  • Carroll has seen a renewed urgency in Canty's game.
  • Canty says he will never again take his career for granted.
  • Canty may be on the field more than any other Patriot.
  • It was a new Canty, a bruising, confident Canty.
  • It was a new Canty, a bruising, confident Canty.
  • They let Erik Kramer go, but they signed Chris Canty?
  • He plays defense like Sam Horn and styles like Chris Canty.
  • When Bobby Grier went for Chris Canty, Carroll did nothing.
  • A vocal leader for the Cavaliers, Canty speaks his thoughts.
  • Canty's two free throws increased the margin to five.
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